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Bullis Lake's Flying Amelia
Amelia is my smallest Labrador, weighing 55 pounds.  Amelia is very attentive to me and sweet.
Amelia is active and happy.

Bullis Lake's Flowering Azalea
Azalea is a happy, fun girl.   She is smart, active and friendly towards people and dogs.
Azalea weighs around 60 pounds.

Dakota is a joyful, happy female.  She is smart and loves to curl up with her
human family.  Dakota gets along with everyone.
Aerial weighs around 65 pounds.

LACEY     Pedigree
Bullis Lake's Legacy N'Lace
Lacey is the most gentle and sweet soul.  Lacey does not have an aggressive bone in her body.   Lacey is a good Mom
and likes to stay with her puppies longer than most of the Moms.  Lacey weighs 65 to 70 pounds.

Bullis Lake's Circular Rainbow
Rainy is a happy, fun young female.   She is smart, active and friendly.
Rainy weighs around 60 pounds.

SPRING       Spring Pedigree
Bullis Lake's Spring Flower
OFA:  (Daughter of Light and Vega, Both Parents OFA Good)                       
Spring is a great Mom and loves her puppies.  She is very friendly, happy and great in the house.
Spring weighs 70 to 75 pounds.

Bullis Lake's Healing Sunshine
Sunshine is a very happy, bouncy young female.   She is very smart and friendly with other dogs and people.
Sunshine weighs around 60 pounds.



LIGHT        Pedigree

Bullis Lake's Northern Lights
OFA:  Good (Prelim)
Light is a very sweet, happy girl.   She is spayed and retired and sleeps in my bed and is spoiled and happy.
Light loved having puppies and was the best Mom ever.   She even would take care of other
Mom's puppies.  Light weighs around 70 pounds.

See Light Puppies Grown Up



SKY     Sky  Pedigree
Bullis Lake's Joyful Sky of Light
OFA:  (Daughter of Light and Vega, Both Parents Good)
EIC:  Clear
Sky is a gentle, happy girl.   She is smart and loyal and is everybody's friend.
Sky weighs 65 to 70 pounds.